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The UAE's leading
healthcare supply chain
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Rafed aims to ensure the availability and quality of essential goods and services for Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector, which include pharmaceuticals, equipment, diagnostics and consumables, and to reduce operating costs for healthcare providers. Rafed primarily specialises in healthcare procurement which includes supplier sourcing and contract management, procurement ordering services, warehousing and distribution.

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we are
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Setting a new best standard of the UAE’s healthcare supply chain excellence, that always has the best interests of our stakeholders at heart.

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we do?
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To be the UAE’s premium and leading supply chain entity.

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Why are
we here?
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"Procurement services in the healthcare
sector are vital to delivering world class
patient care. By centralizing services,
applying industry best practice and
harnessing technology, Rafed's unique
operating model will deliver economies
of scale, efficiency and more competitive
pricing while ensuring supply chain
security and quality."
- Rashed Saif Al Qubaisi
CEO of Rafed
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If you have any information regarding severe adverse human rights impacts or unethical practices related to operations, products, or services associated with Rafed or PureHealth Group please send an email at

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